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Author: cbdherbalstore

Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Not all CBD is created equal With so many different types of CBD on the market, it can be helpful to know how your CBD products are made. Isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum are the three most common types of CBD, and they’re each created with a different extraction method. If you’re not sure...

10 Important Facts About CBD

As the market for CBD products and public interest overall continues to grow, more and more consumers are seeking out reliable information regarding CBD itself. Scientific study of the compound is a relatively new endeavor, and it’s only been federally legal since last year. These factors contribute to a growing body of knowledge surrounding CBD...

Cannabinoids in Cannabis

The field of cannabis research is vast and diverse. From biochemical studies of the plant itself to physiological and chemical studies of its pharmacology to psychological and social research into its effects, researchers studying cannabis produce the knowledge at the foundation of industry innovation and public policy. Yet perhaps the most important research being done...